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Some background to youth suicide

Ireland still has one of the highest reported rates of death by suicide in the European Union with young males under 21 being most at risk. Our experience is that the actual rate is much higher, and almost no school or community in the country is untouched by losing someone to suicide.

Many families are now in financial trouble leading to tension between parents and siblings. Many young people can be faced with a very sudden decline in standard of living, or the discovery that their parents can't now afford to send them to university or college. They also face the terrible prospect that there may not be work at home for them for some years to come, and face the prospect of life on social welfare or emigration.

Through our awareness and prevention work with schools and colleges all across the country we are able to provide resources for young people, their friends, families, teachers, coaches and many more concerned people so that they all have the vital information they need to detect the early signs of pre-suicidal behaviours and help to prevent another tragic death.

You can help us in our vital, life-saving work, and amaze yourself with one of the most thrilling experiences you can have, helping to save lives - YSPI "saving lives through education"