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Our fundraising guidelines

These guidelines have been prepared to:

  1. Protect our fundraisers from allegations of fraud.
  2. Respect the need of the public to know what you do in the broad name of 'Charity', and in Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland's name in particular, is governed by standards and a code of practice which you are prepared to adopt and to adhere to.
  3. Ensure that all Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland fundraisers continue to protect the right of the persons with whom we work, to have their dignity respected at all times and not diminished by fundraising practises or statements which promote helplessness or generate unfocused pity.

Registration Form

We ask you to complete a registration form so that we have your details. We require two passport photos, one of which will be used to create an official badge which must be worn when fundraising.

Specific Letter of Authorisation

We will issue a specific letter of authorisation. This letter will detail the authorisation from the Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland for you to fundraise for a certain period.

State Clearly the Event - When raising funds you must state clearly the event and the purpose for which the funds are being raised e.g. 'Support the Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland Quiz night in (name and location) to raise funds for the Youth Suicide Prevention' and not just 'Support Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland'


All money should be receipted if its value exceeds €50.

Upfront Costs

Are there any upfront costs? If so what are they and will your fundraising activity be able to absorb the costs and still leave you with a reasonable profit?

Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland normally ensure that costs on Fundraising Events are no higher than 10% of expected income and we would recommend this as a guideline for any event.

Advertising & Promotional Materials

Any promotional material that describes Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland and its services needs to be approved by the administration team before publication or promotion.

All publicity must carry the charity number (20070670) and our full address: Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland, 1st Floor, 59 High Street, Killarney, Co Kerry V93 N977.