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Fundraising Guide

Thank you for offering to support Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland’s Suicide Prevention Campaigns.

To assist you in your fundraising we are providing some suggestions that might be helpful.

Please note that if you are not yet 16 years of age you will need the help of a parent or teacher to organise some of these events as we cannot issue fundraising authorisation letters to anyone under 16 without the consent of a parent or guardian.

Four of the most effective methods of fundraising are by collections or sales of goods.

  1. Shopping Centre or Store Collections
  2. You can approach your local shopping centre or shop and ask for permission to collect on their premises. Some shopping centres now require you to have a collection permit, issued by An Garda Síochana, to fundraise on their premises. If a permit is required you should contact your local Garda Station for an application form. You may need our registered charity number which is 20070670.
  3. Door to Door Sponsorship Collection
  4. You can enquire at your local Garda Station about getting a permit to go door to door seeking subscriptions or donations towards your sky dive.
  5. Street Collections
  6. Street Collections are very effective but are highly regulated to prevent abuse. You should contact your local Gardaí for advice or contact the office of the District Superintendent and make enquires about a street collection permit. Our registered charity number is 20070670.
  7. Door to door sales
  8. You do not need to get a permit to go door to door selling goods on behalf of a charity BUT you can only sell goods for a fixed price and YOU CANNOT accept donations or sponsorship. So if you are selling a keyring for €5 you cannot accept €10 unless you give two keyrings. You will require an authorisation letter from the charity and some form of photo ID. Some items which sell well door to door are flowers, chocolate and Christmas cards.

How can we help you?

We can provide fundraising posters and sponsorship cards for most events. For some events we can also provide t shirts. For shopping centre collections we can provide promotional banners and even volunteers in certain areas. You may be asked to provide public liability insurance cover; please call us for assistance as this is something we an usually arrange.

If you would like to accept sponsorship by credit/debit cards we can create a special fundraising page for you on our website where you can direct your sponsors. Please contact for more information.

For more information on event planning or for any help and support please check our website or contact us at or call 021 242 7173.

Other fundraising ideas:

If you would prefer to raise sponsorship or donations in other ways then here are some easy ideas to get you going:

  • If you have children, nieces/nephews or young neighbours at a local school, try and get the school to organise a non-uniform day in aid of YSPI.
  • Promise auction: you will need the help of all your friends with special skills (e.g. Hairdressing, decorating, cooking, gardening etc.). Ask them to donate some of their time then organize an auction.
  • Sponsored beard-shave, beard-grow chest wax etc… Anything that would amuse your friends & colleagues usually works best.
  • Cake sale at work. Ask a few people to bring in cakes which can be sold at tea time in return for a donation.
  • Arrange a €15 menu at a local restaurant on one of their quiet nights and charge friends €30.
  • Arrange a football / basketball / hurling / soccer match. Charge everyone to play and maybe even run a sweepstake on the result. This is a good one for a large workplace.
  • Car boot sales – ask friends & neighbours to have a clear out in the name of charity!
  • Wash people’s cars in a supermarket car park while they do their shopping in return for a donation.
  • Hold a dinner/barbeque/party at home for friends who each pay €10.

If you are using a sponsorship card here are some tips:

  • Make sure the first person to sign your card gives you a reasonably large amount of money. Others often follow their example.
  • Keep your sponsorship card with you at all times. If necessary have several cards on the go at once – one at home, one at work, one in the car etc.
  • Put your sponsorship card up on your staff-room or canteen notice board.
  • Enlist family and friends to help you find sponsors.